Defy Skincare

Acne Defy Pack

  • $298.00

Fight acne with confidence with our Acne Defy Pack. Combining carefully selected clearing products, our Acne Defy Pack is designed to reduce breakouts and blemishes whilst controlling your oil production. Purifying and hydrating your skin, our Acne Defy Pack gently treats acne and blemishes without stripping the skin or compromising its barrier. 

Your collection includes

Cleanse + Detoxify
An exceptional cleanse for oily and acne-prone skins, Cleanse + Detoxify is the ultimate deep clean. Its unique black foaming appearance is thanks to Activated Charcoal, known for its ability to travel deep within the pores to remove unwanted dirt and impurities. Paired with a complex combination of Organic Fruit Extracts and anti-inflammatories, this purifying cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean and clear, not tight and dry.

A unique nightly treatment designed to simultaneously address the appearance of blemishes, hyperpigmentation and textual irregularities. Using an exceptional combination of anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterial agents and skin renewal ingredients, Clarify works to purify, decongest and regulate the skin to reveal clearer, brighter and firmer complexions.

Repair Complex 0.5%
Discover clearer, calmer and stronger looking skin with this sophisticated blend of Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Repair Complex combines potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to provide clearing and calming relief to the skin. 

Ideal for those that experience inflammation, infection, scarring or an overproduction of oil, Repair Complex offers the benefits of a Vitamin A prescription without the irritation. 

Balance Repair Lotion
Luxuriously creamy and effortlessly hydrating, Balance Repair Lotion offers triple-action support against the signs of ageing, blemishes and inflammation. Designed with sensitive and congested complexions in mind, Balance Repair Lotion uses a combination of peptides to address fine lines and wrinkles whilst anti-bacterial and soothing ingredients like honey provide a gentle exfoliation and exceptional hydration.