Defy Skincare

Age-Management Defy Pack

  • $348.00

Designed with performance, versatility, and age-defying results in mind, our Age-Management Defy Pack sets you up with your essential day and night skin rejuvenating essentials.
Carefully curated to achieve exceptional anti-ageing results, our Age-Management Defy Pack uses medical-grade cosmeceuticals to restore, rejuvenate and revive your complexion. 

Your collection includes:

Cleanse + Purify
A dual exfoliant and cleanser, Cleanse + Purify harnesses an advanced AHA formulation to effectively removing daily debris, impurities and dead skin cells without compromising the skin’s natural barrier. An ideal daily ritual for blemish-prone skin, this refreshing daily cleanser works to reduce acne-causing congestion whilst providing a boost of essential hydration.

Triple C Complex
Our C Complex + Peptides harnesses 3 high-performance formulations of Vitamin C and cutting-edge peptides to be your daily armour against age-inducing sun damage and free radical damage whilst working hard to treat existing photodamage

DNA Repair 0.5%
If you can only pick one daily serum, make it DNA Repair A Complex. Featuring an intelligent combination of Vitamins, A, B and C, DNA Repair A Complex combines the power of potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to give your skin exactly what it needs to thrive. 

A triple-threat serum, DNA Repair A Complex simultaneously addresses the signs of ageing, fades unwanted pigmentation and sun damage and protects and restores healthy skin. 

DNA Catalyst
Offering a total skin rejuvenation experience, DNA Catalyst tackles the signs of ageing, uneven skin tone and overall protection against damaging free radicals. Utilising cutting-edge DNA repairing peptides, DNA Catalyst boasts powerful anti-ageing results with a superior, silky feel on the skin.