Defy Skincare

Peptide Defy Pack

  • $498.00

Leaders in peptide innovation, our Peptide Defy Pack features a collection of exceptionally potent medical-grade skincare designed to transform your complexion. Taking skin renewal incredibly seriously, our Peptide Defy Pack features our leading anti-ageing products to work seamlessly with your daily Defy essentials. 

Your collection includes:

Platinum Peptide Serum
An anti-ageing powerhouse, our Platinum Peptide serum is a superior formulation of Nobel Prize winning hyaluronic acid and 11 expertly chosen peptides. This unique formula offers an optimal concentration of actives to dramatically boost the skin's youthful hydration levels, accelerate cellular repair, supercharge collagen synthesis, restore skin’s radiance and maintain stronger and firmer looking skin. 

Just when you think it couldn’t be more impressive, Platinum Peptide offers incredible healing and relief following skin rejuvenation treatments such as skin needling, laser and chemical peels as well as following sun burn.

i Synergy
This is supreme antioxidant protection like never before. Utilising intelligent antioxidants, liquid crystals and unique rice bran oil, i Synergy combines the power of age-defying skincare with exceptional environmental protection. Simultaneously correcting and restoring, i Synergy volumises and reenergises aged under-eyes whilst protecting the skin against the damage of future aggressors.

Cellular Regeneration Rich
A nurturing blend of anti-inflammatory peptides, vitamins and antioxidants, Cellular Regeneration Rich is a restorative balm designed to immediately calm and provide relief to injured, wounded and post-treatment skins. An anti-bacterial formulation, Cellular Regeneration Rich provides a restorative, yet non-pore clogging protective barrier over the area of concern to allow it to safely and effectively heal.

Collagen Neck Repair
A dedicated powerhouse of ingredients designed to rejuvenate the mature neck area. Often neglected in skincare routines, Collagen Neck Cream provides focused attention on the neck region to restore collagen and elastin and reveal a tighter and lifted result.