Defy Skincare

Sensitive Defy Pack

  • $368.00

Choosing skincare for sensitive or irritated skin types can be difficult, especially when it comes to active ingredients. That’s where our Sensitive Defy Pack comes in. Taking the guesswork out of recovering, repairing and protecting sensitive skins, these products have been specifically created to give your sensitive skin the ease it’s been looking for. Designed to calm inflammation, reduce irritation and restore your skin’s barrier, our Sensitive Defy Pack sets you up for calmer skin with confidence. 

Your collection includes:

Cleanse + Repair
A luxurious cleanse to thoroughly remove surface impurities whilst deeply soothing and calming reactive or compromised complexions. Those experiencing eczema, dermatitis, wounds or burns will discover instant relief as our collection of anti-inflammatory organics protect, hydrate and nourish inflammation and irritation. 

Bio Recovery Gel
Thanks to Bio Recovery Gel, sensitive, dry and inflamed complexions can discover instant relief! 

Reducing redness, inflammation and dryness, this uniquely formulated gel works to restore the skin back to a healthy and hydrated state. Harnessing sophisticated peptides and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, Bio Recovery Gel is your gateway to calmer and stronger skin. 

We also recommend Bio Recovery Gel to provide sun burn relief!

SOS Repair
A face oil like no other, SOS Repair provides immediate nourishment and long-term correction to dehydrated, dry and damaged skins. Intensely hydrating and restorative, SOS Repair supplies the skin with essential moisture factors, antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits. Creating a protective, luxurious barrier on the skin, SOS Repair prevents dehydration by quickly absorbing into the skin to work where it’s needed most.

Moisture Protect SPF

Your most versatile SPF protection yet. Moisture Protect SPF is a physical sunscreen that offers superior broad-spectrum protection. Available in a sheer, light, medium or dark tint, Moisture Protect SPF provides an illuminating finish to hydrated, calm and protected complexions. 

Loved by users as a makeup primer or for seamless light coverage, Moisture Protect SPF boasts exceptional antioxidant protection and platinum calibre Zinc and Titanium Dioxide protection to prevent premature ageing and skin damage.