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Has your skincare routine left you feeling confused and deflated about your skin? From the complicated products, countless instructions and an ingredients list that leave you searching for a dictionary, it’s no wonder so many of us end up moving our products to the back of the cupboard to expire and be forgotten about.

Defy Cosmeceuticals are on a mission to change the relationship you have with your skincare. Creating straightforward routines with products that actually do what they’re supposed to, Defy Cosmeceuticals is where the power of science meets a lifetime of healthy, radiant skin.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, our medical-grade skincare products tackle the most common skin concerns, head on. From addressing the signs of ageing, diffusing unwanted pigmentation, discovering the confidence of a clear complexion to calming and soothing inflamed and disrupted skin, Defy Cosmeceuticals effortlessly fits into your daily skincare ritual to replace tedious routines with considered and results-focused choices.

Our Philosophy 


We exist to regenerate your complexion with indisputably the best in cutting-edge innovations. We break through the noise of overwhelming, poorly prescribed products and give you back the control, confidence and value-for-money your routine has been missing.

Our formulations are built on the principles of biomimetic science. With ‘bio’ meaning life and ‘mimetic’ meaning imitating, our formulations can perform like a second skin to rebuild, protect and restructure our skin’s natural functions to deliver visible and long-term change.

With our day-to-day environment causing intense skin disruption and damage, Defy Cosmeceuticals works with your skin, not against it. Our sophisticated formulations confront these extrinsic factors head on by creating superior protection of the skin’s barrier to combat these aggressors and enable the reversal of damage.

Active Ingredients Like Never Before 


Every product in the Defy Cosmeceuticals collection is formulated using one of more of these six key active ingredients: acids, amino acids, vitamin A, antioxidants, ascorbic acids and peptides.

We chose these hero ingredients for their ability to treat skin concerns at a cellular level, where long-term change can powerfully occur. Both gentle and effective for a myriad of skin types, we turn to the industry’s most safe and potent formulations of these actives to achieve the results our brand is synonymous with.

We do this by harnessing chiral correction technology, a pharmaceutical-level purification process that filters out the ineffective (and potentially irritating) components of each molecule, leaving us with only the highest quality ones.

In addition to our skin regenerating formulations, Defy Cosmeceuticals consciously delivers products free of parabens, SLS, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and sulphates. We do this whilst being wholeheartedly cruelty-free.

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